Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

In times of processing huge amount of data based on many independent sources we need solutions which help us gather and use the most important and valuable information without forgetting about most important aspect – security. This information will help the organization to make effective decisions, optimize business processes and adopt appropriate development strategy.

Within the Cloud.Sec company’s scope of competence we offer support in the following areas:

Data warehouses

We will analyze your requirements and prepare a solution that meet the needs of your organization, regardless of level of complexity. Properly designing and implementing secure and effective data warehouse is not a simple process but proper implementation will bring many benefits of the organization of having one:

  • Consistency of data from multiple source systems
  • Speed of data analysis by analysts
  • Providing valuable reports to the management staff

Data integration

We will design appropriate data flows to extract data from source systems, transform and load to data warehouse or we will analyze existing processes in terms of the correctness of architecture and implementation.

Analysis and reporting

Appropriate design of analytical models as well as preparation of appropriate reports and dashboards is crucial for decisions made in the organizations. Together we will prepare the model, design reports and dashboards. We will help you organize and manage your reporting environment.


We will easily take over the maintenance of the solution we created as well as the existing one. We will take over the worries of environmental management and take responsibility of delivering the right data on time. It will only be left for the organization to reap the benefits of well-functioning processes.