Modern data warehouse

Modern data warehouse

A huge amount of data is being processed every day, every moment based on many independent sources, that’s why the solutions that will help in obtaining and using the most important and valuable information are needed, and to ensure data security. Properly managed data and information will help the organization to take effective decisions, optimize business processes and adopt an appropriate data development strategy.

Cloud.Sec experts, after analyzing the business needs and the customer’s data, will prepare and propose an optimal and modern architecture based on the Microsoft Azure platform and, most importantly, meeting all requirements.

Key advantages of data warehouse in cloud environment:

  • unified analytics platform (data integrity and consistency from many different sources)
  • business data storage across company
  • scalability
  • resilience
  • cost effectiveness
  • analysis effectiveness
  • reliable management reporting

Key components of data warehouse in cloud environment:

  • Azure Blob Storage,
  • Azure Data Factory,
  • Azure Synapse Analytics,
  • Azure SQL DB,
  • Azure Databricks,
  • Azure Analysis Services,
  • Power BI.

Those components among others will be used depending on project scope and business requirements. Pre-development analysis will ensure the most effective architecture for expected solution.

Cloud.Sec experts will design and develop the modern comprehensive data warehouse addressing the business and technology needs, but also can support on-going project as external independent expert.

We bring value

We provide complex support in defining technical and non-technical specifications and business requirements for newly designed data warehouse. During analysis, we prepare and agree with the customer conceptual architecture of solution. We are customer oriented and focused on expected business value, needs and expectations, which will ensure technology and cost effectiveness by utilizing only those cloud data warehouse’s components that are necessary.

We comprehensively perform data warehouse implementation projects in the organization. We start with the analysis stage, where we identify the business needs of the organization and create solution concepts, and then move on to the service design and implementation stage. We care about the highest quality of created solutions because we know from experience that the appropriate design of a data warehouse based on the right components is of key importance in the later stages of the project. Throughout the implementation period and after implementation, we provide the support necessary to maintain the environment and solve emerging problems.

Poszczególne etapy wdrożenia: Analiza -> Projektowanie -> Implementacja (struktury, procesy ETL, …) -> Testy -> Wsparcie/Utrzymanie

We will conduct a maturity audit of the existing solution in the organization. The performed analysis will allow you to build awareness of the current solution, which is constantly being improved and expanded, and which we use daily in the context of implementation in accordance with the current regulations and best practices. Unfortunately, in most mature solutions, a large part of created model is not used on an ongoing basis. The result of our work will show the real use of the model, which in many cases impacts on cost optimization of the solution.

We take full responsibility for management and maintenance of the data warehouse environment. Our support will positively affect your business in terms of data delivery in expected timely manner and gives you reliability on your business data quality, consistency, and integrity.

Development management
You have already chosen a solution provider, but you do not have the competences in your team that will allow you to manage the project at the professional level, as well as inspect and accept the results of work?. Contact us! We will both support individual tasks and take full responsibility for running and accounting for the project.