Strategic planning

Strategic planning

Strategic planning aims to ensure that the scope and way of using cloud technology in your organization is also consistent with the strategic business goals of the company.

Cloud.Sec uses the Business Motivation Model (BMM) methodology maintained by the International Object Management Group as an efficient method to identify and define mission, vision and business goals of your business. This method results in a connection between business goals and specific technology, solutions required to implement in order to boost your business.

The objective of using the BMM method in project of cloud implementation is:

  • Defining business strategic goals with reference to specific for each company the technology requirements and needs to run in competitive market.
  • Defining business expectations of key point indicators of the cloud implementation.
  • Identification and  assessment of needs and benefits that have not been explicitly identified and  which usually accompany the implementation of the public cloud.

The results of the BMM analysis shall be used in particular to:

  • Evaluating whether migration and adaptation of public cloud will support, assist in company business running and strategic goals.
  • Taking strategic decision of technology investment in soon future and in long term.
  • Preparing operational plan and brings baseline of cloud implantation in company now and in the future enhancement of implementation.

Cloud.Sec comprehensive approach will allow to define:

  • A clear vision of the main implementation goal for the Microsoft cloud.
  • Strategic objectives, the achievement of which will support the implementation of the Vision and make it possible to verify whether the anticipated benefits of project implementation have been achieved. Strategic objectives for cloud will be defined based on strategic business objectives.
  • Operational objectives that will enable the achievement of strategic objectives. The operational objectives for each strategic objective will be defined based on a cluster of tactical goals.
  • Mapping the vision scope and implementation strategic and operational objectives.
  • Tactical tasks which constitute a set of initiatives for achieving the objectives. These are defined by a sequence of steps and security mechanisms necessary for the implementation of identified.